The Craziest Things To Ever Happen At WalMart


walmart logoSource:NetDNA

Ok it is time to rip on Walmart once again. Everyone PEAKs at Walmart because their prices are dirt cheap. Any college student knows that these prices mean business. And some say they just cant live without their beloved Walmart with the McDonalds inside. However almost all of my fellow “bargin-shoppers” who shop at Walmart have a secret… WE HATE WALMART.

Walmart is a terrible place, filled to the brim with terrible people. There are fat people everywhere, hillbillies everywhere, black people everyone, and just in general disgusting scum of the earth. Just to be clear, there is nothing wrong with these people. The only problem is that they ruin my day at Walmart every time I go shopping. These people are slow, get in the way, stand idle in the middle of the isle, have screaming babies, don’t have enough cloths on, and other terrible things.

Walmart is such a terrible place. Here are some of the crazies stories coming out of Walmart’s near you.

Walmart Wedding

walmart wedding coupleSource:IAMBORED

In 2010 Wayne Brandeburg was a Walmart hillbilly that took a liking to one of the fat cashiers. They got married….and decided to have the wedding in Walmart…. Such rednecks.


Naked ShopLifting

guy shoplifting Source:Crestcent City Law Firm

Now regular shoplifting is bad in itself. You are stealing. But it is more screwed up that you steal, not to steal, but to cause havoc with your privates. Verdon Taylor, a 32 year old from a white trash suburb around Philly. Went on a Walmart thief spree stealing socks from 3 Walmart’s completely naked…. Come on man.


Crime and Murder

walmart crime scene Source:AlexanderGaryScott

Ok now this one should not surprise you. People bang out and die all the time. But at Walmart something special happens. Only the fattest and ugliest people on the planet bangout in Walmart. Well as luck would have it, one disgustingly ugly couple were rocking the toilet seat in a Walmart in New Mexico, when all of the sudden a deranged psycho tried to kill a lady in the same bathroom with a toothbrush. Mid session the couple pinned down the man and saved the day. The man was arrested and the couple was still able to achieve the much needed NUT.