The MOST Awkward faces

Everyone has awkward faces. They are the result of instinct and reactions in response to external stimulus. Or you just make faces in the mirror and take pictures. Either way they are funny as heck. Enjoy.

21 Best Photobombs Since The Internet

The PhotoBomb: spoil a photograph of (a person or thing) by unexpectedly appearing in the camera’s field of view as the picture is taken, typically as a prank or practical joke.

The 15 Manliest Mustache Styles

Mustaches are a Peak. I personally don’t have one. But they are awesome to peak at every once in a while. Also great for fire-fighter, or carpet munching jokes. Check out some of the manliest stashes.

20 Animal Memes You Need To See

Animal memes are awesome. This collection of wild animals from around the world and all of the funny things we wish they were saying.